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Grand Rapids Hydroseeding produces high quality landscapes. With hydroseeding, customers receive a beautiful lawn in a lot less time than old fashioned grass planting techniques. Hydroseeding consists of a blend of grass that best suits your home formulated into a spray that covers your soon-to-be lawn. The spray adheres to the ground and prevents the seed from moving. Old fashioned techniques deal with messy straw and sod that is excessive and costly and the seed might not blow away but the straw sure will. The only material needed for high quality lawns these days is a fast application of our Hydroseed to acquire the best looking lawn.


We bill at $0.125 per square foot with a $500 minimum charge. Our minimum covers the first roughly 4,000 square feet. If preparations are needed to get the area ready for hydroseeding (hauling in and spreading top soil, grading, etc) those are billed by the hour, with the per hour cost dependent on the specifics of what’s being done, what gear is needed, et cetera.

Start by measuring the length and width (in feet) of the area you would like hydroseeded. Multiply those two numbers together and then multiply that by .125. If the result is less than $500, the minimum charge would be billed. Example: 100 feet by 20 feet = 2,000. 2,000 * .125 = $250, so the minimum $500 would be charged. For an area that’s 40 feet by 175 feet, we would get 7,000 square feet. 7,000 square feet * .125 per square foot = $875.

To get a more detailed price quote, please provide as much detail as possible when you Contact Us.